Captain Buggernuts (cpt_buggernuts) wrote in bovril_watch,
Captain Buggernuts

It's taken us a while...

But obviously, we had to post about the beef in Bovril being reinstated.

It's been reinstated. In fact, it's been increased.

We at Bovril Towers, however, are sticking with Tesco Beefy. It never mucked us about, or palmed us of with weasel words. It never had to cite vegetarians to justify it's actions. It just quietly got on with providing Beefy goodness.

So, maybe you'd like to go back to Bovril. Maybe you'd even like to think of this as a victory. But please. Remember that unglamourous own brand spread that stuck by you when others let you down so badly.

Tesco Beefy is for life. Not just for short term crises clearly engineered by the marketting department.
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