thatrachie (thatrachie) wrote in bovril_watch,

Oxo spread?

Oxo spread now appears to be the only beef spread available in the world. And they only sell it in South Africa. I'm off to the South African shop as fast as my little legs will carry me, and I will report back.

Meantime, here's some disgruntlement for you: ignore the bit about fishermen and their friends
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The New Zealand & South Africa Shop on Henrietta Street? Doesn't actually exist any more.

Why is everyone against me? *shakyfist*
I was looking up oxo-spread yesterday. So there are definitely a couple of net-based South African mail order shops selling it. Didn't keep the addresses though, sorry.
I can't find any UK-based mail order shops for it at all.

This is beginning to really depress me.
And now neither can I. Which is just bloody spooky.