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Blind Taste Test

I had to do it. I had to know whether I was blowing this out of all proportion. What if true Bovril were no different, to me, than evil yeast Bovril. So I bought the bad Bovril. Tonight, I got my partner to spread half a piece of toast with truBovril, and the other half with nuBovril, without telling me which was which.

Now I'll be the first to admit that as a 'blind' taste test, this didn't really work - nuBovril is a lighter shade than truBovril (nuBovril is about the same shade as, yes, you've guessed it - Marmite, although the viscosity is the same as truBovril). I knew straight away which was which. However, I was determined to give nuBovril a chance, not least because it's the one I'm going to be stuck with. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

In any event, there was no contest. NuBovril tasted better than Marmite, but it still had a rather 'confused' taste, rather than the sharp, salty, but above all, clean and clear taste of truBovril. As we all know, truBovril is almost black and it tastes it. It tastes like the black glossy minx of its own visual.

Later, we did a proper blind taste test. First I got nuBovril and I knew it. Then I got something even worse and I was worried that perhaps the first one was truBovril after all, but it turned out that I was being tried out with "Sainsbury's Beef Stockpot". Now that I have proper comparisons, I can say that it tastes like a watered-down versino of nuBovril.

In short, this is disastrous news. TruBovril is king.
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